You know that feeling you get when you've found "the one"? Well...with glasses and me, it had always been bitter pairing, but I can now happily say that the expression on my face above says it all.

I dreaded glasses...they're big, heavy–I've always hated how they make me look and I never looked like "me".  But as I age, my eyes worsen (trust me you don't want to know my prescription), and having a job that requires hours of screen time, I needed to find a pair I'd love to wear.

I knew from the moment I stepped into BonLook that I was shopping in the right store for me. All the frames were so beautiful and current, the presentation was clean and simple–not overwhelming, and I knew that I would find my pair as all the frames were designed for stylish young-ish professionals (on a budget ;) ).


I felt no pressure or rush, just pleasantly browsed and tried on a few pairs. I felt comfortable and the mood was pleasant. The staff stylists were so lovely, and helped me with suggesting frames I might like, and even threw in a few wild ones I would have never thought of trying but was pleasantly surprised. Would you believe my second fav pair was a blush pink pair? So different–but they looked good on my face! I just had such an amazing experience!


When it came time to measuring my face (head? lol) it was quick and easy. Lastly, I wasn't hit with a mega bill for frames like I've been used to AND shipping to store was next week!


What can I say, I love my new look, 'c'est un bon look' –and my eyes thank me.


Ashley Klassen