Lovt Studio East is my creative space located in Corktown Toronto, available to rent to the public for photography/videography, pop-ups, meetings, and small events too. A fully furnished mid century artist loft that acts as a versatile photography studio.

Every detail at Lovt East has intention and purpose. A) It had to be beautiful and photograph well in natural light. B) It had to be moveable and versatile to transform the space regularly with ease. Aside from it being a fully furnished studio (although no one lives there) it features photography essentials like:

9ft backdrop stand, paper rolls, fabric backdrops, reflector, clothing rack, hand steamer, wifi (of course) and Sonos sound system. (Check out Lovt Studio East playlist, Lovt East is a VIBE).


Hourly $75/hr (1hr min)

Full Day (8hrs) $500

Full Day (12hrs) $700

*All bookings are subject to tax and an additional one time $50 cleaning/service fee.

*No holding dates. All bookings made final via payment. See cancellation policy via each listing site.

Bookings are made via button below, through This Open Space. You can alternatively find us on Set Scouter, and Spacefy.


What makes the space so stunning is the natural light from south facing factory windows. The lush space also boasts 14ft ceilings, brick walls, wanescotting, an open loft kitchen with fridge and stove, full bathroom, dining room, and bright living room decorated with unique mid century furniture, antique Persian rugs, mini library, and lots of harmonious neutral tones and textures from velvet, to marble, original art, books, white brick walls and exposed pipes, pottery, fur detail, tall curtains, wood, real plants, vintage pieces and gold accents.

Furniture aside, you can utilize the white walls as a backdrop for a more simple set up. Furniture is destined to change position based on time of month as the space is transformative. Please inquire if you have any furniture layout requests, otherwise, you can expect a living room and dining room with the furniture featured, just perhaps in a different set up than featured.

 Some snapshots from the LOVT studio EAST



South facing windows will get direct light at floor level during the day. I like to shoot with the max light in studio, which is shortly after sunrise to a couple hours before sunset. In the summer, the light shines direct inward from 9pm-3pm, afterwhich it’s indirect. My personal fav lens for this space (as a natural light photographer) is a 35mm, and a 25-70mm. 50mm would work strictly for portrait. Space is 13ft wide and 45 ft deep, lighting is definitely best in the living room area. Studio does not include any lighting gear.



Building Rules:

*NO PARKING in the parking lot. You will get towed, it's for residents only. Parking is available on the street (paid parking).

*NO PHOTOGRAPHY, LOITERING in the hallways. The rental of space is for this studio only. Do not disrupt our neighbours or use the building in any other way than the studio.

Studio Rules:

*NO outdoor footwear is to be worn past the entrance for hygiene of the studio and to protect the floor and the antique rugs. Treat it like your home please.

*DO NOT DRAG FURNITURE. Pushing/dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor AND the furniture. Grab a friend and lift the furniture if you want to move it, or else don't move it please.

*Enjoy the SONOS system, but don't abuse it - keep noise to a fair level to respect the neighbours.

*We do not permit the studio to be used for any pornographic content.

*Your booking begins the time you book for, no earlier, and ends the time it's booked, no later. If you require extra time to move things, load/unload, then please book appropriately.

*Cleaning and maintenance fee is for regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as the time it takes to account for up keeping the studio, NOT for cleaning up messes. Please respect the space and put garbage in the garbage can, and put furniture back where you found it before you leave. Strict no glitter policy. If you leave a mess, you will be charged extra.

*Damage policy is if you break, stain, rip, any form of damage to property, you will be charged for the damage as inspected by the owner.

*Studio entrance is monitored by video camera as a security measure.


Lovt Studio began a couple years ago with the creative idea of using which was my friends real loft home as a photography studio. The original Lovt 305 in 888 Dupont belonging to my friends Zach + Amanda (although no longer their “home”) lives it’s legacy as one of the most unique photography studios in Toronto. They added Lovt East to their roster of Lofts half a year later, and have since passed the torch of Lovt Studio East to me, Ash. We’re just a couple a friends with a love for interiors and creating unique creative spaces. Now we run 2 Lovt locations, 3 studios total, independently as separate owners. We hope you’ll feel a piece of heart and soul from each of the creatives in each unique space.

lovt studio west toronto studio rental

Lovt Studio west

305 + 301

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!